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We are writing to you for one simple reason:

We believe that the Tor anonymity network is a vital tool, but we are worried at the under representation of the BSD operating systems.

The Tor Project ( is an open source project with volunteer-administered relays around the world. It is a critical tool for those seeking anonymity, from journalists to human rights activists.

We understand that your entity uses a BSD for its operations to some extent or another. As the BSDs were your choice, it is probably accepted that the BSD strengths are significant from security to stability and performance.

Your entity might have the available bandwidth, hardware and staff to contribute one or more relays, considering the importance of internet anonymity for so many.

In December 2014, Mozilla announced the launch of a dozen high-bandwidth Tor relays. We are working to extend this example to other entities, and simultaneously alleviate the lack of operating system diversity with BSD Unix.

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