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-A very simple configuration template for an Onion Service follows (that goes to your __torrc__ file):+FreeBSD does not ship with any web server installed; you will need to decide which one you want to run.
- HiddenServiceDir /​path/​to/​host/​key/​and/​hostname/​ +This page is considering that you picked NGINX to run your Onion Service! So, to install NGINX on FreeBSD you need to run the following:
- HiddenServicePort <​PORT>​ <​MACHINE_IP_ADDR>​:<​SERVICE_PORT>​+
-If you want to run an Onion Service in order to access a remote machine over SSH (considering default ports), then you can use this configurations (paying attention to the __HiddenServiceDir__): ​+    # pkg install nginx
- HiddenServiceDir /var/db/tor_onion_ssh/ +After you install it, /usr/local/www/nginx will be available for your first tests with a simple HTML site.
- HiddenServicePort 22
-You can mix ports, remote IP addresses too (so you will share __the same__ **.onion** address):+You can now enable and start NGINX:
- HiddenServiceDir /​var/​db/​tor_onion_multi/​ +    # sysrc nginx_enable=YES 
- HiddenServicePort 6667​6667 +    # service nginx start
- HiddenServicePort 80​80 +
- HiddenServicePort 81​80 +
- HiddenServicePort 82​80 +
- HiddenServicePort 83​80 +
- HiddenServicePort 22​22+
-Using UNIX Sockets is also possible! :-)+Done! :)
- HiddenServiceDir /​var/​db/​tor_onion_web+From here you can assume that your web server is running. In order to enable its Onion Service, add the following to your **torrc** config file: 
- HiddenServicePort 80 unix:/caminho/do/socket+ 
 + HiddenServiceDir /​var/​db/​tor/onion_service_nginx 
 + HiddenServicePort 80 
 +Restart your **tor** daemon, and that's it! //(Remember that we mentioned you should have a running Tor setup before?)/
 +    # service tor restart
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